DFS Direct

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DFS DIRECT – America’s Most Valuable Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution

Discrete Fleet Solutions, together with RelianceMRM, is proud to bring you DFS DIRECT.

DFS DIRECT is a low cost, vehicle tracking solution which can be customized to meet your business needs. Our broad range of devices ensure a perfect fit for businesses utilizing all types of mobile assets. With our GPS tracking solution your business will be capable of providing improved customer service with tracking accuracy, easy access to fleet and location data., and precise asset management . Most people in business know that offering better customer service is the key to success. Using tracking resources will increase your response time and save on fuel costs.

Discrete Fleet Solution can provide the tools and resources that will increase your overall productivity and improve customer service . With DFS DIRECT you can achieve the financial growth needed to gain a dominant position in your industry. Maintain accountability of your employees, assets, and commercial fleets. Our software and hardware solution will guarantee the improvement of your day-to-day operations.

From basic track and trace to comprehensive reporting, including driver behavior, mileage and hours of service, all with industry leading service and client support, DFS DIRECT is quickly becoming America’s most valuable vehicle tracking and fleet management solution!

DFS DIRECT is the perfect fit for transportation and logistics companies:

  • Vehicle and Fleet Telematics – Monitor real-time location and travel progress; utilization; mechanical condition; driver performance; idle time; and more.
  • Specialty Trailer Tracking – Pinpoint the location and condition of containers, trailers and other traveling assets anywhere in the world.
  • Intermodal Asset Management – Optimize control over assets that move between multiple facilities and methods of transit (roads, rails, waterways and air).
  • Heavy Equipment Tracking & Management – More than just location and engine usage; critical diagnostic and maintenance data for reliable performance.